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Episode 63 Chris Benoit Double Murder Suicide

September 1, 2018

Like Aaron Lewis once said in a very horrible's beeen a while...a while since we've mentioned the world pro wrestling. HOWEVER just because our topic this week is about a specific wrestler, it doesn't mean this won't be an episode an episode for YOU. This is more or less a "True Crime" episode. SO with that said. We talk about pro wrestler CHRIS BENOIT ( Spelling= BEN-wah) . Unfortunately, over a 3 day period, Chris took the lives of his wife, his 7 year old son, then finally himself. We tackle who this man really was before this incident. A man who almost across the board was beloved both behind the curtain and in the ring. A man who's own former sister-in-law STILL speaks warmly of (even after he butchered her sister) and who's own friends and Collegues still adore. Why would this be? Well we also delve into the world of Concusions, CTE, and brain damage. We're no experts but we've you tubed enough videos to pretend to be some on podcast.  Hope you enjoy... this one is a little more serious than most of our other episodes BUT we still pack in the laughs and entertainment. 


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SHout out to Chavo Guerro, Chris Jericho, and Susana Toffoli for their insights on this topic. I HIGHLY recommend checking out their interviews (NOW ONLY AVAILBLE ON YOUTUBE) under "Talk is Jericho" 

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