Welcome to ANOTHER minisode!!! Sometimes we talk to much during the intro and just decide to make it it's own bonus episode. So that's what you're going to be listening to TODAY. We discuss a lot of UFC , Sports, and FOOOOOD . Particularly HOW TO COOK AND EAT A STEAK. Art and Eric aparently like it RAW like ODB and Jacob likes it burnt to a crisp like  a belt. 


So with  all that said....enjoy the show. 


I hope y'all are getting more and more into the Halloween Spirt! If not this episode will surely get that goin' for ya!.....well hopefully. You'll at least laught a time or 3 ... WELL WITH THAT SAID. THis episode we sit down and talk to Elizabeth Warren....no not THAT Liz Warren....but Ph.D Elizabeth Warren who is a MOTHMAN Expert...how bout that ya boys actually got  an EXPERT to talk about a subject. Good for us right? Anyway this is her first sit down interview and she educates us on the subject (since we really didn't do too much research? BAD BOYS) so with that said :

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Week 3 of our Month of Horror and it just so happens to fall on episode 69! So as you would expect  with 3 30-something males, we make good to highlight the fact that this IS epsiode 69 and all that number encompasses. We get a lil political, we get a little offensive, we get a little kinky, but we also bring A LOT of funny. What sexy Halloween stuff do we delve in to? Well you'll just have to listen to find out. 

Shout out to special guest Elvira....maybe. 


Well if you're a sports fan you'll love this BONUS episode of Art and Jacob Do America. This episode was recorded the morning after the UFC 229. Khabib Vs Mcgregor. What started out as a CLASSIC card ended in what i'm sure you all saw on the news in a massive brawl in the stands and in the octogon after Khabib submitted Mcgregor. This is where i think we are at our best just 3 dudes talkin' shop on a sunday morning. ENJOY


Ghost Stories. CHECK. Monsters. CHECK. Serial Killers. CHECK. Mad Doctors...CH-CH-CH-CH CHEEECK! WHo gives ya the Halloween Love baby!? Art and Jacob Do America...That's who! This week we talk about the mad doctor....no not  DR E.B. Castillo....But Dr. Josef Mengele AKA The Angel of Death. Menegle for those who don't LOVE Slayer, was a Nazi doctor who performed crazy human experiments at Auschwitz during WW2. We cover all the HEINOUS things that happened here as well as what ended up happening to him. ENJOY THE SHOW! Shout out to SLayer and Rammstein this week for providing the soundtrack. ELI Sirota from the "Not so Crazy Podcast of Blizzard the Wizard and Eli" for providing us with that intro music at the begining. Also shout out Kevin Workman and his podcast "Nerds on Topic" he didn't do anything on this episode but we still love him and his show. Keep doin whatchu doin playboy...



Gooood eveeeening (or morning..or afternoon...or whenever you're downloading this...) Today is Offically OCTOBER 1st!!! This means we kick off our annual MONTH OF HORROR all throughout October. For all the thousands of new listeners out there....This means each week we'll be covering a SPOOKY/SCARY/CREEPY/CRAWLY subject (with our usual humor of corse) all month long! Up first....Story time with ya boys! Each one of us brought a different creepy story to kick off the halloween season proper..So sit back relax and enjoy yourself. Grab a blanket , grab a flash light, and grab someone close to you (consensually...i'm looking at you Mr Kavenaugh!!!) Becuase we're goign to set off the Hallween season right!

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One small podcast for man...ONE GIANT topic for mankind.

The moon landing, or is it the "moon landing" ? THis week we duke it out over the possibility of the U.S. landing on the moon or not. SPOILER ALERT Art doesn't think we did...Jacob thinks we did....and Eric?...Well, he just drinks beer.  

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Ok so remember last week when i said "Any mature person will tell you not to talk politics or religion"? Then we proceeded to talk about politics. Well We kind of fully kill that saying off completely this week by discussing religion. Our main focus this week is on the West Boro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas. This lovely church believes their sect is the only church going to heaven and that everyone else is burnin' in hell (queue Kane's theme music here). If that wasn't enough for them , they protest the funerals of US soldiers, vicitims of mass shootings and tragedies (Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, 9/11, ect) , Islam, Jews, other Christians, and particularly the LGBTQ community. Nevermind the "Love thy neighbor as theyself " and "Love the sinner and hate the sin" passages in the Bible. West Boro says hate 'em all and let God sort em out. We also have a deep discussion at the end about our own personal relgious/non religious beliefs!

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The first thing any mature person says is : "Never talk politics or relgion" Well your favorite 2 and half Meixcans took half of that advise here. So no religious talk! Buuuut we do get political. So forewarning. If you lean Right you might hear some stuff you may not like, but if you lean left you may be suprised by what have to say about the Nike situation with Colin Kap being the face of the "Just Do It" campaign. Suprised on what we have to say about California Democrats calling for a boycott of IN-N-Out (The best Hamburger joint in alllll the land) due to their $25k donation to the California GOP, aaaaaaaaaaand we try to discuss Antifa...which was SUPPOSE to be the topic but do to current events it's in there somewhere so if you keep heaing us try to segway into that topic (and failing) , thats why. Anywho we make this about as fun as possible so have fun with us and as always send all hate mail to Jacob

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Like Aaron Lewis once said in a very horrible song....it's beeen a while...a while since we've mentioned the world pro wrestling. HOWEVER just because our topic this week is about a specific wrestler, it doesn't mean this won't be an episode an episode for YOU. This is more or less a "True Crime" episode. SO with that said. We talk about pro wrestler CHRIS BENOIT ( Spelling= BEN-wah) . Unfortunately, over a 3 day period, Chris took the lives of his wife, his 7 year old son, then finally himself. We tackle who this man really was before this incident. A man who almost across the board was beloved both behind the curtain and in the ring. A man who's own former sister-in-law STILL speaks warmly of (even after he butchered her sister) and who's own friends and Collegues still adore. Why would this be? Well we also delve into the world of Concusions, CTE, and brain damage. We're no experts but we've you tubed enough videos to pretend to be some on podcast.  Hope you enjoy... this one is a little more serious than most of our other episodes BUT we still pack in the laughs and entertainment. 


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SHout out to Chavo Guerro, Chris Jericho, and Susana Toffoli for their insights on this topic. I HIGHLY recommend checking out their interviews (NOW ONLY AVAILBLE ON YOUTUBE) under "Talk is Jericho" 


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