Bienvenitos! Fasten your seat belts because it's time to get on back on the mother ship! We finally get back to aliens (kinda) on this episode as we touch on a topic that has come up a lot throught the history of this Podcast. We first mentioned this on Episode 4 (Conspiracy Theories), Episode 8 (Triple X Files) and other episodes like Bigfoot, Aokigahara, and anything else you can tell Art had a hand in picking the topic. The 37th Parrallel is basically the 37 Longitute line (look on a map or globe people ) north of the equator. This is where real life Dwight Schroote, Chuck Zukowski, and his Sister, Debbie Ziegelmeyer, have been documenting strange paranormal sightings, unexplained occuracnces, cattle mutilations, and extraterrestrial encounters on this belt of the United States...and across the world. It gets weird, it gets funky, and it definitely gets funny....

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Greetings earthings, this week we enter in, with our mortal vehicles, the cult that is ....THE HEAVEN"S GATE. Perhaps one of the most interesting cults of all time as they're not like most cults...listen to see why. Also there's a bunch of UFO's, Castration, Applesauce, MASS SUICIDE, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand NIKES!!!. So fasten your seat belts as we take a trip on a comet !

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Feliz Cumpleanos to Arturo Trejo, May the 4th be with you, and Happy Cinco De Mayo. We celebrate all that on this episode as well asloosely discussing the CHUPACABRA. We also drink Tequila and Bud Light to get the juices flowing. HOPE you DON"T unsubscribe! But never the less EnJOY


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HERE YEE!! HERE YEE!! Gather 'round for a brand new periodical audio episode of the Arturo and Jacobo Insert into AMerica podcast (Feat Ph.D. E B. Castillo) Ok enough witht he pomp and circumstance! This week we dive into one of the most NOTORIOUS secret Societies... THE BOHEMIAN CLUB A LA THE BOHEMIAN GROVE.  This exclusive club is a place where a bunch of old republican white dudes gather around in the middle of the woods to plot world domination, piss on everything, annnnd...drink milk shakes (no joke they do). They also worship a giant Owl statue that may or may not be a rejected ride from Disneyland! wil that said i won't ruin the suprise of listen to us and tell alllll of your friends and enemies about our little show! ENJOY!


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Salutations valued listners, hackers, and governments spies....This episode we roll our sleeves up a little and cover the scariest topic we've ever done...THE DARK WEB. Have you ever seen an ELI ROTH movie and ever thought to yourself..."how over the top!" Welllll crap happens like that in the dark and deep web.  Warning i wouldn't listen to this at night and i'd probably wouldn't let your kids listen to this episode (or any of episodes really, but ESPECIALLY THIS ONE!) ! anywho Let us know what size shirts ya'll want because we'll be printing those up soon!


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Who's the leader of the club who's made for you and me....M-i-c....ah you know the song you know the ears you know the cartoons that shaped your childhood, puberty, and for many your man baby adult life. Disey! it's the biggest entertainment that ever was. We take a look back at their not-so-squeaky clean image, ghost stories, and wild urban legedns. HEY WE GOT A NEW LOGO!!! YES, we became a bit more official . out with the MS paint logo of just Art and Jacob being crude. IN a slick new professional logo made by Eli Sirota, Rhett Hall, and inspired by the phenomenal A...J... Styles. 

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LET ME TO YA SOMETHIN BROTHERRRRSSS (AND BROTHER-ETTES)!!!! I hope y'all said your prayers and ate ALLL the vitamins, because this week we cover the big event. That's right, Wrestlemania 34 ...for those of you who don't watch wrasslin like Art....STILL listen to this episode because it is truely and utterly a JEWEL of an episode. One of the top 3 funniest episodes we've probably ever done ( and there's 41 of them) We look at the whole weekend of festivities as well as the main card. BUT there's some extra stuff going on in here too....lets just say Art does a lot of special "research and analyss" on a certain internet video by one WWE woman's super star....PAIGE. Well with that said this GNARLY episode has been brought to you by Tacos De Huichio, Belching Beaver (art and eric), and Starbucks Blond Roast (jacob). Also this weeks promo goes to Mike Peacock for his podcast "On the Edge" . Listen to that podcast...Mike's a good brother and his podcast is too sweet.


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Well no.... this is going to get awkward....OR IS IT?? This show's been a long time coming. We initially meant for this to be one of our earlier episodes....but we kinda started this show around September-ish and we didn't think it would be appropirate to drop it around then. THANK GOD WE DIDN'T, because we've gotten better and better and this episode was done just about right. Too bad we lost our notes for this show...womp womp! but STILL this show is full of great discussions about 9/11. We delve into a few conspiracies about this event , give our accounts of that day, and discuss out the world has changed since this event. Heavy subject matter but we try to make it as "fun" as it can be without being distateful or classless....keyword "try"...

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Cheerio ! Top of the mornin' and que tal perros! Welcome to episode 39. On this magical mystery tour we welcome back permanantly , Eric Castillo. That's Right Art and Jacob Do America just became Art and Jacob Do America ....featuring Professor Eric Castillo. He KNOWS the secret of the OOZ and he's a 3rd degree Black Belt in Bakersfield BraSilia Ju Jitzu. Qualified AF. with that said everything as far as media goes still bares the same name...for now. But with that said episode 39 ....we talk about the Mandela Effect or the Mass Misrememberence of past events. Is this a caused by overlapping dimentions, DEMONS?, Socery??, or are we all just living in the snow globe of some child's who cares kick back and listen to another hilarious aventure with 2.5 of your favorite mexicans. Shout out to Freddy Mercury and for the musica. 


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oleeeeeeee, ole ole ole, oleeeeeeee, oleeeee, oleeeeee!

Welcome to epsidoe 38 lasses and ladymen! This weeks episode we celebrate the Feast day that is St. Patrick's day. We observe the Catholic Church's Temporary lifting of lent  by getting down buffett style on some Taco Bell and Cosuming every Irish beverage available at the grocery store. We welcome back for the third straight week Eric Castillo . We also welcome back Jesus Fuentes for his third go round. This was an absolute blast to record. Not really like any of our other episodes but definitely among the best. 


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