Art and Jacob Do America

Episode 61 Summer Movies 2k18: A Review Feat Ben Jammin

August 19, 2018

Ah Summer... hot dogs, short shorts, sandles, freshly cut grass, sweaty nether regions, and BIG! BLOCKBUSTER!! MOVIES!!! Here's our 2nd annual review of all the big movies that came out this summer! We welcome back Benjamin Aguilar again (4th or 5th appearance overall....damn this is Tom Hanks on SNL status now) to give us his opinions as well on all the flicks Hollywood pumped out this  season. We discuss everything from Avengers Infinity War-Uncle Drew so pop some popcorn sip some soda and be that awkaward ass friend in the group who is dead silent and only contributes a random laugh track to our foul mouthed Shenanigans!! 


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