Art and Jacob Do America

Episode 48 The Hell’s Angels

May 20, 2018

VROOOoooOOm Vroooom Vroooooooom ! That was a motorcycle reving if you could tell! WELCOME TO EPISODE 48 everyone! This week we discuss the notorious motorcylce club (NOT GANG) ....THE HELLS ANGELS. Band of Brothers? Outlaws? Crooks? or just misunderstood sweetie pies?? who knows...well we know... so listen to this week's episode and let us know how we are doing. You can do that byyyyyyyyyy  GOING TO ITUNES AND LEAVING US A RATING (PREFERABLY 5 STARS) AND SUBSCRIBING TO OUR SHOW ! That way every week our show automatically apears on your phone or listening device and you can keep up with our antics weekly! Shout out to Marty Freidman (formally of Megadeth) for listening to our lil ol show! also shout out to everyone who tuned in to our FACEBOOK LIVE stream for the first time officially this sunday when we recorded (be on the look out for that now weekly) we also have STICKERS BAY BAY! so hit us up if you want one ! T SHIRTS ARE COMING!!! Also send us questions for our big  ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY EPISODE. We'll be doing a Q and A show for that and want to hear from YOU! so keep on listening and Keep IN TOUCH! 

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