Art and Jacob Do America

Episode 39 The Mandela Effect

March 18, 2018

Cheerio ! Top of the mornin' and que tal perros! Welcome to episode 39. On this magical mystery tour we welcome back permanantly , Eric Castillo. That's Right Art and Jacob Do America just became Art and Jacob Do America ....featuring Professor Eric Castillo. He KNOWS the secret of the OOZ and he's a 3rd degree Black Belt in Bakersfield BraSilia Ju Jitzu. Qualified AF. with that said everything as far as media goes still bares the same name...for now. But with that said episode 39 ....we talk about the Mandela Effect or the Mass Misrememberence of past events. Is this a caused by overlapping dimentions, DEMONS?, Socery??, or are we all just living in the snow globe of some child's who cares kick back and listen to another hilarious aventure with 2.5 of your favorite mexicans. Shout out to Freddy Mercury and for the musica. 


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