Art and Jacob Do America

Episode 33 FLAT EARTH ?

February 4, 2018

WHAT'S GUCCI ? I'm sorry , i'm old and just trying to sound cool. Well at least i'm not Alex Jones....oh so with that said this weeks episode is all about Flat Earth!!!! We also discuss Hollow Earth and Reptilian civilizations. We also place a voodoo curse on the New England Patriots as we recorded this right be fore the Super Bowl. Ahhh and yes we already know we have a habbit of jinxing the teams we're going for so with that said Good luck Brady...BREAK A LEG... with that said HEY we got ourselves another theme song , This one was composed by, written by, and performed by Jacob Pixton himself (yes all voices...and we mean ALLL).... well most of them anyway. Thank you to the dude(s) at also shout out to Balinda Carlise and whoever sings the songs on the Scarface soundtrack. As always make sure you like, subscribe and promote our show. 

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