Art and Jacob Do America

Episdoe 57 Scientology

July 22, 2018

Hello...plese come in for your free personality test.'s not like that we swearrrrr. THis is just to see how flexible your sense of humor is...we're not trying to sucker you into some kind of "self help" corses , extort you for money, and then tell you the world was created by some 1950's alien who a bombed a bunch of vocanoes with souls stuck in them and now those souls infect our souls and you have to hold these 2 tomatoe cans to get relief, and oh yeah pay us more money so we can graduate you up to these higher levels and don't leave us or we'll stalk's not one of THOOOOOOSE tests...however that is today's topic SCIENTOLOGY....oh yeah btw all that stuff i just typed out...congratulations welcome to OT VIII you now have all the knowledge you need without having to pay the church of scientology....i mean you could pay us instead ...but ti's toally optional ;) 


Anywhooooot make sure you keep listening to our lil ol' show. if you're listening to this one you probably know how to work a podcast app so go ahead and clicl "SUBSCRIBE" on that app to get our show EVERY SUNDAY. it's like CHURCH ....real church expcept we say naughty words


the song on the end of this show is actually a realllll scientology song called "WE STAND TALL" it makes more sense and is way funnier if you listen to the show first....enjoy!!

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