Art and Jacob Do America

Ep 82 Mongols Motorcycle CLUB

January 13, 2019

And here we are...following up our most downloaded episode to date. Covering a topic that has been requested many times by  folks who may or may not be affiliated with this motorcycle club....THE MONGOLS

Every so often I will get messages from our social media outlets from this club or people claiming to be from this club. They always cite our episode about the Hell's Angel's and how we need to talk about them next and make sure we say THIS or THAT and I always say "It's coming guys" and then Art wants to talk about a conspiracy and Eric has a dad joke or 6 he wants to insert ….but here we are FINALLY getting to this topic. Not because we're lazy or had no interest in it....NOT AT ALL. BUT....because we wanted to make sure we did this topic RIGHT. 

I reached out to a couple of verified sources (who will remain nameless for OBVIOUS reasons) and got their input...hopefully we did you guys proud...and if not i'm sure we'll hear about it. BUT with that said hope everyone enjoys this show. We were all under the weather this week with colds , flus, and other ailments so sorry if our jokes fall a little flat this week. However we all had fun this week recording and researching this topic . 

shout out to Jesse Ventura -you'll hear him at the beginning and the ending of this episode

SHOUT out to MOTORHEAD- only they could kick off this show right

Shout out to NOT DEAD YET APPAREL ...type ebcastillo at check out for 15% off

Shout out to all our other podcasting friends. Eli, Kevin, Steven Mike, Alex, and Dave ya'll know who you know what you did

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