Art and Jacob Do America

Ep 71 Natural Born Killaz Vol 2

October 27, 2018

First off HAPPY HALLOWEEN  in what will be our FINAL installment for our MONTH OF HORROR :( well it's not like we won't STILL cover creepy topics in the weeks and months to come...I mean after all it's kinda what we're all about. 

Ok, so with all that hokey stuff said this week we bring the second installment of "Natural Born Killaz"  where we each talk about a Serial Killer

ART-  H.H. Holmes

Jacob- John Wayne Gacy AKA Pogo The Clown

Eric-  Jack the that's not a typo... Jack. The STripper



(Thank you Dr Dre for the best instrumental of all time) 

(also thank you Eli for our special theme this month! You rock bro)

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