Art and Jacob Do America

235 The Mafia

November 6, 2021

This is one of those topics where I sit here and type "iT's BeEn Uh lOnG tImE cOmin'" blah blah blah blah .... BUT it truly HAS been a long time coming for this topic......THE MAFIA. We've spent soooo many hours talking about silly conspiracy theories that we've kind of brushed off the biggest and most REAL conspiracy to ever take place on American soil. The Mafia, LA Cosa Nostra, Wise Guys, Goodfellas....whatever name you want to put to it, it's been the stuff legends. So we're going to introduce you guys to the very basics of The Mafia as a prerequisite for future mob-related topics that we will be covering in the future. But for now... leave the gun, take the canoli, enjoy the show, and fuh-get about it

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