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234 Ed and Lorraine Warren

October 29, 2021

Tis the last week of October and what better way to leave the month of Halloween than with and episode covering the two most (in)famous paranormal investigators....Ed and Lorraine Warren. If you're familiar with the "Conjuring" movies/universe i'm sure you have an idea of the work they've done. However, what you saw on the silver screen wasn't necessarily true OR the full story....listen today as we discuss the REAL Ed and Lorraine Warren and give a brief synopsis of some of their more popular cases. 

It's officially the 4th week of October/Halloween season and we couldn't do a whole month of spooky topics without giving you a haunted house episode. The Winchester Mystery House...or as some call it the "House of 1,000 ghosts" we don't know about that but it's definitely a creepy creepy that Walt Disney based HIS haunted mansion ride on this place. But WHAT makes it so scary?? We dive into this and more .....listen AHORA!!

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