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230 Real Life Frankenstein Experiments

October 3, 2021

It is OFFICIALLY the Halloween season ! So with that said we're kicking off the entire month of October with a consecutive creepy/horrifying/scary blah blah blah blah episodes!

First up this week....Real Life "Frankenstein" Experiments.  Yep! That gigantic green undead monster you've seen and come to love your entire life...those experiments have ACTUALLY happened and the real life stories on these are more grisly and terrifying the movie/novel! So sit back relax and grab some popcorn and listen as Jacob tell Art and the millions.......AND THE  MILLIONS...7 different stories where a mad scientist tried....and successfully brought back the dead. You heard it here first folks, this ain't no fake news/Info Wars BS either....

and when you get done listening/watching this episode , here a link to one of those ACTUAL experiments:

(36) Experiments in the Revival of Organisms - YouTube

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