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201 The Zodiac Killer Part 3

March 13, 2021

On this episode we conclude our cover on the Zodiac Killer. On Part 1 we discussed the CONFIRMED Zodiac murders. Part 2 We gave you a reading of ALL of the Zodiac letters and Ciphers. Now on Part 3, we discuss the SUSPECTS. WHO was the "Zodiac". We list a few  comical examples like Ted Cruz and Fred Durst (lol). But we also explore some less far fetched suspects such as Ted Kaczynski , AKA the "Unabomber". However, we believe, as well as most law enforcement  and private sleuths, that the killer(s) was one of these men or a combination of :

-Earl Van Best

-Richard Marshall

-Lawrence Kane

-Arthur Leigh Allen


Who done it? Listen today and find out!


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