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191 The Jade Helm Conspiracy

January 2, 2021

It's a cold hard minute since we touched upon some Alex Jones-type conspiracy theory.... WELL you're in luck America (and the rest of the world)! We're hitting you up with Jade Helm 15. Jade Helm 15 at the end of the day was an 8 week military exercise in 2015 for the the most elite US military forces. Think: Green Berets, Navy Seals, and Army Rangers. However, many citizen of the small Texas towns were taken a back by these exercised when a map "leaked" on to the internet and labeled politically "RED" states as hostile and politically "Blue" states as friendly.  Alex Jones ran wild linking this map to a hostile take over of conservative states in America because they did not vote for Obama.  He alleged that Obama would not leave office after his second term had expired in 2016, would declare martial law, enslave dissidents into recently closed Wal Mart store's underground tunnels, bring over the Chinese military to confiscate every one's guns , and eat the constitution for dinner to further his "Globalist Agenda" ...

Obviously that was crazy when that all happened, right? We laugh at this dead conspiracy now. But it did lay way for many unfavorable things to come.....

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