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188 Spring-Heeled Jack: Cryptid, Poltergeist, or Pervert?

December 13, 2020

This week we're hitting you with a classic cryptid from across the pond! Spring Heeled-Jack. Spring-Heeled jack was a legend that started in Victorian London around 1837 when several servant girls were being brutally harassed and molested by a very strange entity. This entity's M.O. would be to violently rip off the clothes of his victims while diligently trying kiss and claw at their flesh with metallic claws. He would stare deep into their souls with burning red eyes and before they could get comfortable ...he would spew blue and white flames from his mouth, causing many to go into seizure like fits. But, before he could be caught ..the entity would SPRING from the scene and jump over 9 foot walls, houses, and other building disappearing into the Dark Night....cackiling like a beast from Hell.   We use the word entity because many believe that ol' Jack was either some sort of Crytid, Alien, or Devil that was conjured up by occultists.  While others believe Spring-Heeled Jack was a wealthy aristocrat and his friends who were just out to make mischief and 'Paint the town red". Whatever the case may be, Spring-Heeled Jack gained enough steam in the news papers of the time and many Penny Dreadful publications to see himself go from a boogey man HERO....some might say a super hero...some might also say, the inspiration for BATMAN himself....

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