Art and Jacob Do America

184 Eddy and and Jacob Do America

November 15, 2020

This week we welcome Eddy Torres from the RRBG Podcast !!!(Part of the Podbelly Network )

Art and I had some scheduling conflicts this week (also i'm still recovering from a really bad Cold....again, not to worry it wasn't the 'Rona) so i invited our Podbelly Brother In Christ, Eddy to the show. We had an AMAZING time talking about guard dogs, Santeria, hauntings at the  Comedy Store, Alex Jones, fact checking fake news, America's split political climate, the 2020 election, prepping for the impending Civil War, neurolink and what will probably be full on topic very soon ....THE MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF OLI HERBERT, guitartit from the band All That Remains.  


You can check out Eddy's podcast on the Podbelly Network as well as on his website RRBG as well as everywhere that you find Podcasts! Please also follow him on the social media's @RRBGPodcast


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