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176 When Sports and Politics Collide

September 20, 2020

2020 has been a very trying and unusual year. Escalating racial and social tensions has seen the rise of political awareness. "Woke" culture some would call it. Politics has no longer become something that you only talk about in the privacy of your own home but rather something very much in your face no matter where you look. Whether you're casually looking at your phone, channel surging on your tv, OR.....watching your favorite team play. You can not escape t and because of that fact, it has caused many casual sports fans to tune out or proclaim "Keep sports and politics separate!". Which admittedly is a fair plea. However, sports and politics are always destined to collide. Whether we're talking about Jack Johnson, Jackie Robinson, or Muhammed Ali. Or Billie Jean King, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, or Lebron James.  When issues arise that directly affect these athletes and their communities, there's always going to be a human response from them when put in the public eye and under a microscope.  This week we give you a few examples like these that have occurred through out history.

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