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175 The “Free Britney” Movement

September 13, 2020

Britney Spears, one of the most iconic pop stars of the last 25 years. But did you know, at age 38 she is under complete court-ordered  conservatorship? Meaning she can not do ANYTHING without the permission from her legal guardian/conservator. This has been her situation since her VERY public break down during 2007-2008. Initially this conservatorship was to only last a year. However, for some reason , as of 2020, she is going on 12 years of complete control over her life.  This has sparked a social media led movement under #FreeBritney > Fans believe that she is being held against her will, forced to take drugs to sedate her into submission , and is being financially exploited by her father...her long time conservator. know how we do, we do not just take these things at face value. We look at ALL of the facts and see if this conspiracy has any merit...or if this is probably the best thing for Britney.  

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