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156 The Simpsons Predict the Future

May 17, 2020

You've seen and heard this story before. Some grand event happens ....aaaaaaaaaand "The Simpsons" predicted it somewhere in their 31 years (and counting) that this would happen. 9/11, The Corona Viris, Ebola, the ending to Game of Thrones, a president named Donald Trump, sports outcomes, technological advances and horsemeat in your Double Decker Taco!!! (DOOOONG!!)  This has happened so much that some think this can HARDLY be a coincidence. Is God taking cues from Homer Simpson?? Who knows...but never the less, we dive in and give you the best  examples of this pop culture phenomena 

For those of you listening to us in the future, this was the last time we recorded this show via Video Conference Call due to the Covid-19 quarantine.

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