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149 Wrasslemania 2020

April 3, 2020

 WrestleMania 36 is upon us folks. Yes, It's that time of year again when we take off our tin foil hats and step into the squared circle and talk about some pro wrasslin'! 'RONA-MANIA is runnin' wild aaaaaaaaaaaaand we should be more excited than we are about this super stacked card..... But we're there's something a little off this year.... However, that doesn't mean there aren't social elements to this event we can 'talk about  and give the millions.....AND THE MILLIONS of listeners out there a deep and insightful podcast. We talk about shows being filmed in front of empty areanas Roman Reigns bowing out of the main event due to Corona Virus concerns, and how WWE and the wrestling industry as a whole are operating during this unique time in our lives! So grab your Tonka Wrestle Buddies', put on that plastic title belt, and mark out with us again this year!

We welcome fellow Bakersfied podcaster to the show, Mr. Earnie C from the STS Podcast to shoot the shit with us and give us his perspective as well. Check out his Show everywhere you get your podcasts. 

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