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141 Missing 411

February 16, 2020

Welcome back everybody. This week we take a look at a national phenomenon that has been explored by retied police detective David Paulides. For some unknown reason thousands of people go missing in National Parks, forests, and other federally owned properties. David Paulides has written several books and two documentaries branded "Missing 411". Paulides also states that these agencies say they do not keep any records of how many people go missing and when pressed to do so he has been met with great hostility and suspicious behavior by people within the government. Truly an eyebrow raising. Mr. Paulides excludes cases that are obvious disappearances by predation, criminal activity, purposeful, and weather exposure. What concerns Paulides, is the estimated 1,600 cases that have 99.9% similarities ....we cover this in depth and ask who or what can be behind all of these disappearences. 

This episode we welcome back our pod sisters from the "We're Not Sure Yet" podcast and go down a list of fringe and reasonable possibilities. Bigfoot? Aliens? Government? Simple Human Error???? stay tuned to find out....this was a fun one folks!

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