Art and Jacob Do America

138 Aaron Hernandez and Super Bowl LIV

January 24, 2020

After a couple of weeks tackling some heavy subject matter...Art and I needed a break, a distraction if you will so we planned to do Two episodes this week. One discussing the upcoming Superbowl as a minisode, and do a full knocked down dragged out episode about the life and times of Aaron Hernandez. Art got swamped with work and Jacob...well Jacob is expecting the birth of his first….literally as I type lil dude could be sliding out....

SOoooooooo with that said we came together and brought back Tyler (the Kreater) from our NFL preseason episode and we did a little bit of BOTH

For those who want to skip the sports talk about the Superbowl...Skip to about 30 minutes in and it's all Aaron Hernandez/CTE/Murder stuff after that !

Great and Funny Episode!

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