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135 Coral Castle

January 5, 2020

Ok! Now that the holidays are out of the way, time to get things back in order! This week we discuss the modern marvel that is...CORAL CASTLE. 

Coral Castle, formerly Rock Gate, was the life long passion project of a Latvian immigrant  Edward Leedskalnin. The Story goes, Edward was left at the alter by his "Sweet 16" year old bride. Heartbroken he moved to the United States, bouncing around from New York, Oregon, and then finally southern Florida after contracting tuberculosis. Battling a life threatening disease, Edward was picked up on the side of a swampy back road and nursed back to health by Florida Real Estate investor Ruben Moser. Ruben would later give/sell Ed an undesirable piece of property in the everglades where Edward would start his Magnus Opus. Edward would quarry between 1.1-50,000 tons of stone from the ground with what some say super natural powers... and old Ford motor parts. He would later be robbed and be forced to pick up his million pound rock garden and move it 10 miles north to the Miami area. But what makes this story even more interesting is that he accomplished all of this by himself. Standing at just 5 feet tall, always in poor health, and never weighing more than 100 pounds Edward seemed to make the impossible possible. If this wasn't enough disadvantage, he also exclusively ONLY worked at night. When questioned as to HOW he was able to accomplish his work , he would claim  "I know the secrets of those who built the pyraminds" and "It's very easy once you know how".

Was he conjuring the devil? Was it Aliens? Was he secretly using slave labor? Harmonics? The Bermuda Triangle? Or is there a scientific explanation for all of this?? We don't know for sure as Edward died holding these secrets close to his vest....but we think we know how ...stay tuned

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