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127 Is 2pac Alive?: The Theory

November 9, 2019

Tupac Shakur. One of, if the not THEE most prolific artist in hip hop history. Previously we covered 2pac on episode 24 , "The 2pac and Biggie Murders", but today we're going to examine the many conspiracies  that caught fire in November of 1996 When his final-"ish" album "Don Killuminiati: The 7 Day Theory" came out 2 months after his supposed "death". Many believe  this album (as well as the many albums that came out posthumously) gave us clues that signaled 2pac had faked his own death. Why would someone so young, do this ? Stay tuned as we dissect each theory and give rational explanations and why we believe these theories simply do not pan out.

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