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126 The Circleville Letters

November 1, 2019

This week we take a look at one of the most under appreciated unsolved mysteries...The Circleville Letters. In the late 70's a small town in the middle of Ohio...Circleville … started to receive threatening letters that divulged personal information about their lives. The most famous series of letters went to Bus Driver Mary Gillispie. These letters accused Gillispie of having an  affair with the Super Intendant of Schools. The letter escalated to a series of events that would lead to the death of Gillispie's husband, an attempt on Mary's life, and  the false imprisonment of her brother-in-law. Although they had a man in prison for these crimes....the letters continued  and were being mailed from Columbus Ohio even though Mary's Brother-in-law was in solitary confinement in LIMA, Ohio.....BUT wait there's more!! If you're a fan of the SHOW Unsolved Mysteries you may remember this case from the early 90's. After initially airing this case, Robert Stack and his crew over at the Lifetime Network, received a letter stating: "“Forget Circleville, Ohio: Do nothing to hurt Sherriff Radcliff:If you come to Ohio, you el sickos will pay.”  signed: “The Circleville Writer.”.....DOWNLOAD and LISTEN today to hear more!

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