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Charles Manson (Episodes 116-117) By Keith Silvas

February 23, 2020


Charles Manson

In episodes 116 and 117 of the Art and Jacob Do America podcast we take an in-depth look at the life of Charles Manson. In researching the topic, we were surprised at how much information was available, not only regarding the Manson Family and the murders of Sharon Tate and others, but with his early life and even his connections to the music industry.

Who was Charles Manson?

Most people probably know of the infamous Charles Manson and his cult the Manson Family who committed murders in the late 60’s, but there may be some who have not heard of him. Charles Manson was born on November 12, 1934 in Cincinnati, Ohio to an alcoholic mother. He had a pretty rough upbringing and was in and out of prison most of his early life. His early offenses consisted of mostly petty theft.
During his incarceration, he gained an understanding of how to control people, especially women. One of his mentors was a pimp. After he was released from prison, he began to amass a following which eventually numbered close to a hundred people. His followers believed Manson to be a manifestation of Jesus and did what he said with blind obedience. It was because of this that he was able to orchestrate the murders he is known for.

The Manson Family Murders

Probably the events that Charles Manson is best known for are the Manson Family Murders. Ironically, Manson himself never physically did any of the killing. He influenced his followers to do the acts for him.

Nature vs Nurture

It is easy to demonize Manson for the crimes he and his followers committed, but in delving into his past, it is not so difficult to understand why he went the way that he did. While his upbringing does not excuse the terrible things he did, it at least paints of picture of how the stage was set.

On the podcast we discussed the age old question of nature vs nurture. What really caused Charles Manson to do the things he did? Was it his environment and upbringing, or was it all due to personal choice and bad decisions on his part? After all, there are many people who have terrible things happen to them during childhood who still grow up to be forces for good and positivity. We explore this and much more in episodes 116 and 117 of Art and Jacob Do America.


By Keith Silvas


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