Art and Jacob Do America

Podcast 25 Growing up in the 90’s

December 11, 2017

Oh Hi everybody, i'm Tommy Wiseau and welcome to great American Podcast! Well not Tommy Wiseau but close...anyhoot, welcome to episode 25! This episode is a little differnt we had a few things go wrong this week, from our special guest getting caught up in the SO. Cal fires, Jacob Getting sick, and Art discover a streaming site that begins with "P" and ends with "Hub" .....oh boy. What we did here is edit together some save audio we had from previous episodes that Jacob cut out due to it not being aligned with the topic for that week. BUT IT WAS GOOOD STUFF so we saved it for a rainy day....or week, So aparently we talk about growing up in thte 90's ALOOTTTT. NIntendo vs Sega, NInja turtles movies, Terminator vs Terminator 2. Jim Carey, our favorite JR High Teacher (wuddup Ms Weddell!!) and of yes....POLITICS! so give it a listen and let us know what you think. ELi from the "Not so Crazy Podcast" wrote us a theme song too so let us know what you think....and as always... SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE



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