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Episode 65 West Boro Baptist Church…and other religious stuff

September 15, 2018

Ok so remember last week when i said "Any mature person will tell you not to talk politics or religion"? Then we proceeded to talk about politics. Well We kind of fully kill that saying off completely this week by discussing religion. Our main focus this week is on the West Boro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas. This lovely church believes their sect is the only church going to heaven and that everyone else is burnin' in hell (queue Kane's theme music here). If that wasn't enough for them , they protest the funerals of US soldiers, vicitims of mass shootings and tragedies (Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, 9/11, ect) , Islam, Jews, other Christians, and particularly the LGBTQ community. Nevermind the "Love thy neighbor as theyself " and "Love the sinner and hate the sin" passages in the Bible. West Boro says hate 'em all and let God sort em out. We also have a deep discussion at the end about our own personal relgious/non religious beliefs!

Shout out to Tya Banks, UGK, and C and C Music facotory this week for your youtube samples

Also speaking of youtube! please go to youtube and look up the West Boro Baptist Church's cover song videos. HIL-AR-IOUS!!


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