Art and Jacob Do America

Episode 62 Qanon- A Donald Trump Conspiracy

August 26, 2018

............((Silence)).........((more silence)).....YOU HEAR THAT!!?? That's the silence before the storm....of JOKES. Jokes about this cooky conspiracy that is!! This week we delve into the latest and greatest political conspiracy Q-Anon. What in the Sam Hell is Q-Anon you might ask...well listen to the episode and you'll find out ya GLOBALIST SWINE!! BUUUT if you must know , in a nut shell it's a Conspiracy about Donald Damian Trump and his adminstrations war  against the Deep State and Every Democrat. Which probably means if you're a fan of this show you're on their list....sorry y'all freedom isn't free and neither are the laughs. But with that said , this was a very fun episode to record. Hope you love it ya'll!!

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