Art and Jacob Do America

Episode 59 The Denver Airport -The Conspiracy HUB

August 4, 2018

::DING:: attention all listners we ask at this time that you fasten your seatbelts and please wait til the end of the show before you stop listening. On thiiiiiis weeks episode we talk about the place that is CONSPIRACY-LANDIA!!! The Denver Airport. Freemasons? CHECK! THe SUPER ELITE? CHECK!! Lizard People? CHECK!!! Underground alien tunnels????CHECK!!! Underground post apocalypitc bunkers for the super power and rich??? CHECK!!!!! Also creepy paintings about nazi's , Swastika Run ways, and Gargoyles jumpin outta suitcases!  IF this sounds like fun, hit play, then subscribe! Becuase when you ride with ART and Jacob Do America Podcast you Ride with us 4. LIFE!! and that's just TOO SWeeeeeEEEEEET!

Thank you to Ministry and whoever created the NWO theme song this week your talents will live on forever on this podcast 

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