Art and Jacob Do America

Episode 58 Black Knight Satellite …and other stuff

July 29, 2018

beep beep beep dot dash dash dot splat BURRRRP....morris code? radio transmission? thermo nuclear radiation? Or ERic's belly after a 7 layer burrito from a future sponsor?? YOU BE THE JUDGE. But on this episode we judge whether or not this dark thingamabopper up in earth's orbit is really an alien ship/spy satellite thats been communication with us and looking at our naughty bits for the last 13k years.....or it's just a bunhc of space crud the New Jersey Dump. 


Tell yo mama's and yo boo boo''s about us by the way. we want to grow so big that we can quit our jobs and do this 8 days a week. thank you and Nanu Nanu 

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