Art and Jacob Do America

Episode 49 All time TOP Albums Part 1

May 27, 2018

AAaaaaaaaaannnnnd IiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeIIIIIII will always looooooooooove ...these albums!! Episode 49 our all time top albums PART 1. Part 1 becuase we kind of didn't plan this episdoe to be THIS long so we review our top albums, numbers 20-6 this week. Then next week we will go over our top 5. ALSO on this episode ARTURO ALMOST DIES! That's right everyone ...and that's no joke we almost catch a rea life death on the podcast! BUT DON"T WORRY He SURVIVES! spoiler alert. anyways, in 3 weeks we'll be doing our 52nd episode where we answer questions that YOU the lisenters have asked us. SO CONTINUE TO DM US and get at us on all social media platforms. ALSO with that said plese keep subscribing and telling a friend. We'll send you out some stickers and maybe even a tshirt if you do!. Give a perfect 5 star rating on itunes or wherever you listen to podcasts . ALSO we will be doing facebook live now every week when we record so make sure you go to our facebook and like our page so you'll get alerts when we go live. we'll try to stay sexy for ya'll....but with all that said enjoy the show. 

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