Art and Jacob Do America

Episode 29 Taxi Cab Confessions: Pigskins and Politics

January 7, 2018

Welcome back loyal listeners and curious people who clicked on my twitter spam links... On this episode we did something a little different. Usually we shoot the shit for a couple of minutes to warm up before we get into our topic, buuuuut on this episode we kind of shot the shit for over an hour .  When it was all said and done we liked this more than the topic at hand so we decided to make it our show for the week. You guys will enjoy it, it's pretty much conversations like these that inspired us to do a podcat anyway. As a follow up to last weeks episode we we raised $184.00 for "Fuck" due to our potty mouths. Go over to their website and donate as well, Then visit our facebook page @artandjacobdoamerica and let us know how generous and sweet our 3-4 fans are. With that said make sure you share our show and subscribe on itunes. If you dont have itunes just go to our website


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