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Episode 27 CHRISTMAS/ TOP MOVIES OF 2017 feat Greg Hampton

December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas party people. Hope your holiday season is full of joy and cheer and all that hokey shiznit. If not....and you're bored at a random relatives house or hiding away in your room why don't you listen to this episode!! This episode we briefly discuss our Christmas plans (and by brief i'm talking extra small sized Hanes on Shaquill O'neal) Then jump into our TOP MOVIES OF 2017!!! We welcome back Greg Hampton, Lead Singer of the Zenith Passage and of "Top Horror movies of All Time" fame. Sit back relax and enjoy the ride.... as always please make sure you subscribe to our show where you get podcasts....and if that's too much of a chore just go to our site:

but preferably i'd like y'all to go to itunes because i'm lazy ;)


P.S. share with your friends, relatives, and sanchos/sanchas this holiday season. We're a better gift than fruit cake and underwear!!!

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