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Ep 81 Jonbenet Ramsey: UNSOLVED MYSTERIES VOL 3

January 5, 2019

Welcome Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack people! It's been a while since we last sat down and recorded a show for y'all. The Last few shows were actually the result of a marathon recording session broke down into separate episodes. We all had holiday obligations, and quite frankly...we needed a break. BUT! Tonight we sat our asses down and gave you guys a PROPER show for the new year! 2019 and we are hittin' it hard!


This week we will be discussing (well rather Eric kinda does a Coup here) the unsolved murder of Jonbenet Ramsey. Anyone who's ever walked through a grocery store line and seen the stacks of tabloids knows about this case...BUT DO YOU REALLY KNOW ABOUT THIS CASE!? or do you simply just know what the media has purported to you ? I honestly have to say leading up to this show I just ASSUMED the parents did it and they were in jail to this day....SPOILER ALERT they are not. I also assumed before recording this every major podcast that had covered this would probably have done this topic as best as could possibly be done....HA! I can say with R & B Sing CONFIDENCE  THIS IS THE BEST JON BENET RAMSEY podcast to date. 


Godbless Whoever made the unsolved mysteries theme and may Jon benet find justice one day. 

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