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Ep 80 The 2018 Year in Review : The Movies

December 30, 2018

Happy New Year to everyone and GOODBYE 2018!! 

2018 was a great year to us. We gain another co host, we saw our downloads soar higher than an eagle, we actually got better recording equipment , and most importantly ….WE HAD FUN. We also hope you had fun the last 12 months being the silent member of our friend group. We thank you ALL for listening week in and week out. 

This episode features Alex Lazono again...well it's not like she came back...inside scoop...she stuck around for 3-4 hours while we recorded last weeks Christmas episode and this week's episode. It was a blast having one of biggest supporters come through and be a special guest on the show. HEY maybe we just started a tradition! If you interact with us more and let us know WHO are listeners are maybe we'll get you on an episode or two!

Well, with all that ^ said...this week we review all the notable movies that came out this year. We start from January and work our way down the calendar. I'm  confident in saying that this is where we are at our best. When we're free of one specific topic and just let our stupid little opinions flow. Comedy Gold it is. So sit back and relax this New year's Eve if you don't have plans to party and listen to our banter.  Even if you do bring in the new year like your name was Keith Richards, recover with our soothing voices. THREE and a half Mexican voices will cure what ales ya from what I've been told. 

2019 you have a lot to live up to. Bring it on Ese. 

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