Art and Jacob Do America

Ep 78 Christmas Memories AKA Eric and Jacob Do America ep 1?

December 16, 2018

Welcome to episode 78 …..or is it episode 1 of the all new Eric and Jacob Do America Show?? The world may never know. What i'm trying to get at this week is Art wasn't here for this recording. He was busy this week so we went old school and did a 2 man show again...however it was just Eric and Jacob who recorded this week, The first episode which we recorded with just Us two. Tell us what you think and maybe we'll make it a new thing....if not don't worry everyone's little favorite hipster Mexican will be back next week. But THIS week we're talking Christmas even sends us some of his and eric reads them live on air.


This one's a good one folks! We got Saruman singing Christmas Carols and George Michael' s "Carless Whisper" makes it's presence known 



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