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267 Gary Plauché : A Father’s Day Special

June 19, 2022

The Day of this recording was Father's Day. Ever so festive we be, we decided to cover a topic that showed the power of a father's love.....But, this episode isn't all sunshine and lollipops. No, no. We'll be discussing a pretty brutal case that left all of us in a moral quagmire. 

We're talking about Gary Plauche. Famous for killing his son's abuser live on national TV. This clip also saw a second life as it was one of Youtube's first videos to go 'viral'. It's a pretty brutal clip (link down below). But when you consider what Gary went through (son was groomed/kidnapped/molested by a karate instructor who the family brought into their lives) Can ya say ya blame the guy? The court of law also agrees with that sentiment as Gary essentially got off Scott-Free for what he did....listen to find out how


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