Art and Jacob Do America

265 The Gun Show Vol 2

June 5, 2022

Back when we first started this podcast in 2017 we did a show called "The Gun Show" where we basically established our position on guns in America and the whole "gun control debate". At the time we were coming off a series of mass shootings that had the nation shook. Fast forward 5 years and we're in the same exact place we (as a nation) were in in 2017. Thoughts and Prayers are nice but they are not helping. Instead of having Art and I rehash the same talking points from that 1st episode, we've invited Renee Penalver to the show. Renee is a PhD and Professor FROM East Bakersfield who has a lot to add to this topic. We had an amazing conversation and don't worry guys...we still some how find a way to bring the funny on this one as well.

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