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229 Unsolved Mysteries: The Somerton Man / The Tamam Shud Case Part 2

September 26, 2021

So you've listened to part listened to part 1 right?.....RIGHT?!? Ok cool, just checking. But last  week we left you  on a cliffhanger.  We ended the episode by talking about a book , the "Rubaiyat", that matched the missing scroll removed from it's back page but also had a mysterious phone number written down as well. The number belonged to a nurse named Jessica Thomson. Who, coincidently enough, lived only 1,3000 feet away from where the Somerton Man's dead body was found. This week we get into who this nurse was, what role she may have played in the Somerton Man's life/death, and some theories floating around the internet that may have both her and the Somerton Man pegged as spies.  We also take a look at the work of Derek Abbot who has advanced the investigation of this cold case in recent years. He's also  championed the movement to have the Somerton Man's remains exhumed for DNA analysis for potential identification. As well as his strong commitment to this case strong that he ended up marrying the Somerton Man's (potential) granddaughter. 

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