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227 AVOID THE NOID! The Dominos Pizza Hostage Crisis

September 12, 2021

The 80's were a strange time. It seems like every fast food chain had it's own quirky mascot that sooner or later took a strangle hold of pop culture. Eventually these mascots would appear on cereals, tv shows, toy stores, comic books and video games. Dominos Pizza however, had the absolute KING of these goofy mascots.....THE NOID. The Noid was a buck toothed trouble maker with (for whatever reason) a red bunny suit on who would try  RUIN your PIZZA or keep the good people at Dominos from delivery your food in 30 minutes or Less! "How Rude" -Michelle Tanner. The long and short of it...he was an annoying ass hole that sold a lot of Pizza and Merch. However, one man....Kenneth Lamar Noid, believed there was something more to this gimmick than selling bargain pies. Kenneth Lamar Noid believed that Dominos' CEO, Tom Monaghan, created and implemented The Noid and the "Avoid the Noid" catch phrase to harass him personally. He also believed Kenneth would break in to his home at night, rearrange his belongings, watch him sleep, and steal his food.....yikes! To see how this story could watch a youtube video (preferably ours) BUT maybe you should do the Lord's work and listen to us today!!

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