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226 Reptilians / The Lizard People Illuminati Conspiracy

September 5, 2021

We've been putting this episode on the back burner for faaaaaaar to long now. How can we say we cover conspiracy theories and NOT cover one of the biggest ones out there.....THE REPTILIANS!!!

Popularized by former soccer player turned wind breaker aficionado/ Conspiracy Theorist David Icke in the late 90's.... the Reptilian conspiracy states that a super race of reptilian aliens came to earth thousands of years ago to mine for gold and take power over earth. They created reptilian hybrids that they used as their slaves and the rest of population they extorted their ADRENACHROME to live forever.....sounds silly? It is...and we cover it like butter on a fresh pile of pancakes...mmmmmm pancakes. Listen today to hear more. 

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