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215 Brujeria: Mexican Witchcraft

June 20, 2021

This week we take a look at Brujeria. The word Brujeria translates from spanish to english as "Witch Craft". Now, when most people hear the term witch craft, they think of devil worship, cauldrons, green skinned women, broom sticks, and black cats. But Mexican "Witch Craft" is really just a combination of ancient and indigenous healing and spirutual practices that share A LOT of similarities to the practices and rituals within the Catholic Church. So much so, that many Brujos practice both.  However, the church condemned these practices as witchery and devil worship. Forever marking those who still held on to their culture as servants of the devil.  But this is not to say that Brujeria is all good ...we also look at some of the evil elements and how it lives hand in hand with the good ....super deep episode ...hope you all enjoy us getting Philosophical and Shiii...

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