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210 Classic Album Breakdown: “…And Justice For All” with Aaron North

May 16, 2021

This week we welcome back friend to the show...the great and powerful AARON NORTH (Nine Inch Nails, The Icarus Line, Jubilee) To talk about the 1988 classic "...And Justice For All" by Metallica.  Aaron , in detail, explains why this is the best Metallica albums and well as possibly the best metal album of all time (EVEN ABOVE MASTER OF PUPPETS).

We talk the crazy way this album was recorded, the death of Cliff Burton right before this album, Jason Newstead's "muted" bass, and the impact this album had on the metal world, as well as the "Arms Race" Metallica was in with Slayer after their release of "Reign In Blood" in 1986. 

GREAT EPISODE ..thank you Aaron for coming on once again and blessing us with your knowledge

You can catch Aaron on all of the social medias @generic_prescriptions as well as his stand up around Los Angels with "The Whenever Show" 

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