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206 The Miracle of the Sun AKA The Miracle of Fatima. Virgin Mary or UFO?

April 18, 2021

This week we inject you with a dose of the Holy Ghost...or something else? We're talking about the "Miracle of the Sun" also known as the "Miracle of Fatima". Back in 1917, in the aread of Fatima Portugal... three shepherd children were visited by an apparition that many believe to be the Virgin Mary. She came every month on the 13th  and instructed the children to pray, make personal sacrifices, and learn to read and write to spread the good word of God. She slowly revealed she wanted the children to to do this because many men were dying and going to hell because not enough people were saying their prayers and faith in general was  low. This was in the midst of the first World War by the way. As word spread believers started flocking to this area to watch as the children received their messages from the Holy Mother. However, those who observed only saw a bright light and a humming sound. Eventually the children were told of a great Miracle Mary would perform on October 13th so that "All will believe" . When that day came 30-100 thousand people had flocked to the area to see what would occur. Needless to say they were not disappointment. The Sun would put on a show that would make Disneyland jelous. It would spin in the sky, spit out multicolored rays, dry up the mud from the days showers, and come vaulting towards earth before sling shotting back into position......or so they say. Some say this was the result of Devine intervention. Some say it was the result for staring at the sun for too long.....and some say it was  ::insert Ancient Aliens meme here:: ALIENS.....


Listen today to find out more. 


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Queens Priest Explains Miracle of the Sun - YouTube

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