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204 A Tribute to “Butt Rock” From the 2000’s

April 4, 2021

According to Urban Dictionary , the term "Butt Rock" is defined as :

"A style of hard rock & heavy metal music that is watered down both musically and lyrically to garner maximum radio play and mainstream acceptance. Lyrical themes are drawn from a put-on “tough guy / bro” persona, and include being a badass, getting lots of pussy, strippers, partying, and being betrayed or alone. Image wise, butt rock bands typically consist of guys in their mid-30s with spiky hair, Affliction t-shirts, and bad tattoos (usually barbed wire or tribal). The typical fan emulates this fashion style and exhibits what they think are “manly” personality traits, such as frequently drinking energy drinks, driving an unnecessarily large truck, and otherwise overcompensating for an insecurity in their masculinity. They also tend to have a superficial knowledge of metal music, being familiar only with bands that receive regular radio rotation. Examples of butt rock bands include Five Finger Death Punch, Three Days Grace, Buckcherry, Nickelback, Disturbed, and Three Doors Down.
“All riiiggghhhtt, that was Five Finger Death Punch with ‘Jekyll & Hyde,’ comin up next we got Buckcherry with ‘Crazy Bitch’ for all you ladies out there, right here on KBRO Nothing Butt Rock...”
This week we pay tribute to the genre that was on top of the world during the PRIME of our youth! Yes we make fun of ALOT of bands and songs here but we do give props to bands and artists such as Linkin Park, Amy Lee, and Korn.  So sit back relax and enjoy this laid back and comical episode!
shout out to Nickledouche for their outro song " Butt Rock, I Love You"  -Nickeldouche - Butt Rock, I Love You (With Lyrics) - YouTube

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