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203 The Conspiracy Theory Iceberg

March 28, 2021

One of the pillars of this show is our take on conspiracy theories.  A picture that has been floating around the worlds of reddit and 4chan the past few years is a full length picture of an iceberg with multiple conspiracies placed within. Basic/more well known conspiracies like UFO's, Mandela Effect, and  Pizzagate are placed at the top of the iceberg .You know, the part that is most visible. However, the deeper into the water you go,  the more complex and crazier the conspiracies get such as: Concrete People of Collaguasi, Bank of Souls, and JFK SHOT HIMSELF.....basically there's levels to this conspiracy shit! Some are hilarious, most are bullshit, but all are super interesting. Join us this week while we give you a run down of some of these. 


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