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196 The PMRC and Censorship

February 7, 2021

Once upon a time...during the "Satanic Panic" of the 80's , a group of Washington wives formed a group called the PMRC.  This stood for the Parents Music Resource Center and was headed by Tipper Gore, wife of , then senator and future Vice President Al Gore. After, walking in to her daughters room while hearing her play Prince's "Darling Nikki", Mrs Gore was SHOCKED to hear her 11 year old daughter hear the tale of Darling Nikki "masturbating to a magazine". So just like any true Karen, they complained to the manager! They had their husbands hold a Senate hearing in the summer of 1985 and asked the RFIAA (The figure head of the music industry) to start labeling music for sex, violence, drugs, alcohol , and the occult....much like the MPAA and the Movie industry. However, many artist argued that this would lead down a road to CENSORSHIP. This battle cry was headed by the three headed beast that was Frank Zappa, Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister, and .....JOHN DENVER. Ultimately there would be a compromise and most edgy content would be labeled with the infamous "PARENTAL ADVISORY " sticker we see on most album art today. However, this only became a badge of honor and some may argue made music...MORE EXPLICIT ....good job guys !

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