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190 Year End Review: 2020…

December 27, 2020

Here it is our annual year in review...and what a f'n year it was! Usually we chop shop about our favorite music and movies of the year , but this year was a little difference. Being the year of COVID, lock downs, and shut downs...not as much entertainment had come out. So we thought it only proper that we recap some of the biggest , as well as the most under reported, news stories and events of 2020. We got WWIII, Kobe, Trump, Austrailia Burning, Tiger King, More Trump, Births, Deaths, Corona, Murder Hornets, Kim Jon Un, Protests, Riots, Antifa, Proud Boys, Lakers, Dodgers, #saveallchildren,Trump again,  Wonderwoman, WAP, Biden, and Covid Christmas....this episode should be required listening for future term papers in some history class down the road .....

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