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189 The Covina Massacre: The Night Santa Went Crazy

December 21, 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! Except you Bruce Pardo! On Christmas Eve 2008, a newly divorced Bruce Pardo, showed up at his former In-laws' home dressed as Santa Claus. But instead of bringing good tithings and cheer....this Santa would bring 2 automatic pistols and a gift wrapped "flame thrower" that he'd use to kill his Ex-Wife, Ex In-laws, and multiple other people. He'd then use a home made "flame thrower" to ignite the house which took 80 firemen and 1 and a half to to distinguish. The Bodies were so burnt that they could only be identified by dental records. Unfortunately Bruce would never face justice as he would later take his own life at his brother's home 30 miles down the road. Hear what led this Bad Santa down this road of destruction

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